“The Kerala State Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd.No.4330”is the State level apex Institution of housing Societies, It was registered on 23.09.1970, under the Kerala Co-operative societies Act,1969, It is also known as”HOUSEFED”.

Housefed started business on 24.09.1970. Formerly the name was “Kerala Apex Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.No.4330”and it was changed as per the order of the Registrar of Co-operative societies dated 24.03.1979. At present Government of Kerala and 205 primary housing Co-operative societies are”A” class members of Housefed. Housefed is affiliated with the “National Co-operative Housing Federation of India, New Delhi..

The main object of the Housefed is to make available funds to its member societies to fulfill the shelter needs of their individual members and thereby Improve the social,economical and environmental quality of human settlement and living.